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User Profile Data
Enrich and supercharge your product offerings with ease
Solana Economy Dashboard
Generate meaningful discoveries in seconds
Solana data. Cracked wide open.
Instant Access to Human-Readable Data
Access users’ behavioural history as they first enter your platform, no need to wait until they become loyal.
Near-Complete User Profile
We auto-link all wallets that likely belong to your users to give you the most complete profile possible.
Plug & Play
Great documentation built for ease of integration.
Know more about ANY wallet address on Solana
Wallet-Level Information

Immediately usable tabular format of on-chain insights into each Solana wallet address

User-Level Information

Wallets belonging to the same user are auto-linked by our proprietary Web-of-Wallets algorithm to deliver the most complete user profile possible

Community/dApp-Level Information

Know your crowd through our dApp plug-in and audience management dashboard so you can roll-out high ROI campaigns

Essential Information compiled into simple readable format
  • Net Worth
  • Asset Allocation
  • Wallet Age
  • Active Hours
  • Profits/Losses and Earning/Spending
Behavioural Pattern and Persona holistically assembled from historical data
  • Minting tendency
  • Secondary market trading tendency
  • Wash trade tendency
  • DAO/dApps affinity and protocol association
Scores and Metrics that indicate standing and trust
  • PFPscore (measure of reputation and creditworthiness)
  • Credit Score
  • Diamond Hand Score (either community crafted or AI-based)
45 TB+
worth of pre-loaded data
wallets pre-processed
features generated
token allocation clients
purpose-built scores
web-of-wallets accuracy
Designed to serve various of Web3 use cases
DeFi Platforms
Manage risk and optimize factors including variable interest rates, LTV and loan tenors
Community Management
Engagement measurement, community segmentation, reward and token allocation
Job & Networking Platforms
Know the person behind the wallet with reputation scores, blacklist checks, attestations and achievements
DAOs and Investment Funds
Curate an alpha game and treasury portfolio management that better fit investment preferences & risk profiles
Personalised product recommendations and targeted ads
Brands: Web3 & IRL
Customer persona psychometrics, segments and targeted ads
Whitelist Allocation
Data driven allocation of whitelist spots to long term holders
Fraud & Malpractice Detection
Analyze transactions and flag suspicious activity for safety
Flexible Data Delivery
Solana Economy + Collection Profiler
Track key performance indicators of Solana, NFT Collection characteristics, and Web-of-Wallets exploration
Wallet Profiler
Search any wallet address for insights
Wallet-Level Data
Essential info e.g. wallet age, most active hours, net worth and more

User-Level Data
PFPscore, credit score, diamond hand score, etc. drawn from multiple wallets likely owned by the same person

Community-Level Data
Insights such as community engagement, NFT holding patterns, royalty payments and more
Enterprise custom requests are also supported
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